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Recent Books:

Title: HealthCARING: a Reset for Health and Healthcare
Author: B. Helton
Pub. Data: 1st Edition; Prancing Pony Press; 2013
  • Activates Caring
  • Resets Your Health
  • Simplifies Healthcare
This book reveals a causal mechanism that's been hidden in plain sight yet guides daily life and behavior. Learn in a story-rich approach how... (read more)     or Download Preview
Price: $17.00.
Title: Coweta County, Georgia Marriages 1827-1979
Author: Newnan-Coweta Historical Society
Pub. Data: 2nd Edition; Prancing Pony Press; 2010
Description: Transcribed collection of marriage records in Coweta County, Ga between 1827-1979, spanning 153 years and containing over 20,000 marriages. )
Orders: Contact NCHS to order your copy.
Title: "Tails" of the Collie Lama
Author: Heather Russell
Pub. Data: 1st Edition; Blythe Spirit Publishing; 2007
Description: "Tails" of the Collie Lama™ is the story of Ian MacGregor, the Collie Lama™, a wise border collie living in the heather-laden hills of Scotland, who gives his insights and advice to the many and varied dogs who travel from far and wide to seek his wisdom... (read more))
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Title: Computer-Based Archaeological Collection Management
Author: James Patton Jones
Pub. Data: Revised 2nd Edition; Prancing Pony Press; 2005
Description: Updated edition of author's BS degree thesis, with new information, additional references, and project status after ten years of use at Santa Clara University Archaeology Lab. Over 700 copies of 1st edition downloaded from this website! (Note: all profits from this second edition are being donated to the SCU Archaeology Lab.)
Price: $3.00 PDF [Buy PDF] or $9.95 printed book [Buy Book]
Title: Growing Mind and Soul
Author: James Patton Jones
Pub. Data: 1st Edition; Prancing Pony Press; 2004
Description: Collection of essays illustrating by example the author's recommended model for primary and secondary education. Critical thinking topics include: Family, Morality, Ethics, Racism, Native Americans, and Religion. )
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